Jio APN Settings In 2020 - Jio Internet Settings

Jio APN settings in 2020 - Jio Internet Settings Internet provider companies provide an APN setting to their customers or Access point to access internet all services. Every company has unique APN (access point) settings for internet configuration. Today, I will teach you about Jio internet settings. Jio APN is called “Jionet”. There are some esay steps to set the Jio APN settings on Smartphones and iPhone.

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What is APN settings?

Access Point Network or commonly known as APN is an internet setting in your device which know your IP address (Internet Protocol address) which connect you to a secured connection or port for the internet user. It make sure you to browse the internet on device safely and secure internet browsing.

Set Jio APN settings on Android Phones

There are some steps to set the Jio APN settings on Android phones.
  1. Open App settings in your phone.
  2. Find “Mobile Network” or it will be the name of “Sim and Network settings” in your phone.
  3. Click on “Jio 4G” option.
  4. Open “Access Point Names”.
  5. Create new internet settings or you can also edit the current internet settings.
  6. Some Important Settings

  1. Connection Name:- Internet
  2. APN Settings (Access Point):- Jionet
  3. APN Protocol:- IPv4/IPv6
  4. APN type – default
  5. APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  6. Server:-
  7. Bearer:- LTE
  8. Authentication type:- PAP
Then save this new “jionet” internet settings in your phone and enjoy the internet.

Create New Jio 4G APN settings in Android

You can create new internet APN settings as below.
1. Name:-Internet
2. APN: jionet
3. Proxy
4. Port:
5. Username:
6. Password:
7. Server:
8. MMSC:
9. Multimedia message proxy
10. Multimedia message port:
11. MCC:
12. MNC:
13. Authentication type
14. APN type: default
15. APN protocol: IPv4/|Pv6
16. APN roaming protocol: IPv4
17. Bearer: LTE
Restart Android to apply these new APN settings in your phone.
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You can also do Jio Internet settings in IPhones.

In your IPhone device, select Settings and then Cellular.
1. Check that Cellular Data is turned on.
2. Tap Cellular Data options and then Cellular Data Network.
3. Go to Cellular Data and enter information as.
4. APN: jionet
5. Username:
6. Password:

Go to LTE section and enter information as below

1. APN:(Leave Blank)
2. Username: (Leave Blank)
3. Password: (Leave Blank)

Enter the below details in MMS section:

1. APN: jionet
2. Username:
3. Password:
4. MMSC:
5. MMS Proxy:
6. MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
7. MMS UA Prof URL:

Jio Internet settings in Windows Phones

1. Go to App list, tap settings> Network &Wireless Cellular & SIM
2. In Cellular, select your SIM card

Select Properties

Under Internet APN select add an Internet
1st Jio APN. 
2nd Profile name: Jionet. 
3rd APN: jionet. 
4th User name: 
5th Password:
6th Type of sig-in info:
7th IP type: IlPv4
8th Enable Use this APN for LTE. 
9th Server Proxy (URL): 
10th Proxy port:
Tap Save the settings in your phone and enjoy the Jio Internet settings in your phone

Jio 4G LTE Internet setting in Blackberry phones

Here are some steps to do internet settings in your blackberry smartphones that helps you use internet without any problem or issue in your smartphone.

Jio APN Settings in 2020

  1. Tap Settings, and then tap Network
  2. Connections.
  3. Tap Mobile Network.
  4. Tap APN at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Enter the following information:
  6. Access Point Name (APN)= jionet
  7. Usernanme =
  8. Password =
  9. Now Save the settings and enjoy.

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