[Interesting] Facts About Poland You'll be Surprised in 2020

[Interesting] Facts About Poland You'll be Surprised in 2020

We've been talking about you know places like Sweden And I felt like today is a day we got to talk about Poland because it seems to be a very cool place And I know a few people from Poland who are absolutely amazing now before I get in this Blog Post I want to know from all you guys out there in the real world I want to know. I'm excited to learn about it, Sweden was cool all the other countries we’ve talked about but here is Poland time.

Facts About Poland Area 2020

Poland is the Eastern European country that sits right beside the Baltic sea and as of 2010 it is a country that has over 38 million people stretched out over a landscape of 312 thousand six hundred and Seventy-nine square kilometers.  This may the country have 123 people per Square kilometer.

What you call a men from Poland?

Now the one thing that I didn't know about Poland is that apparently if you call somebody a Polack it's a really offensive term I didn't really know that I always thought it was kind of like just slang for being like yeah, you're a polish person But apparently it is a very derogative and negative offensive term towards Polish people but if you want a short term for a polish person You either call them polish or a pole. 
Now even though some polish people may take offense to this word the country is made up of great people who strive for a better Future and 

Facts About Poland Independence Day And History 2020

Poland itself as a country that has a really extensive history Just like most of the countries that we do talk about but with this history It's got great moments and also really sad moments for example the people of Poland are really excited to celebrate their independence Now this happened on November 11th 1918. 
When they declared themselves their own Republic from Russia and throughout the second World war this day of independence was banned in 1939 because of German influence within the country and even though the Germans got their butt kicked in World war 2 (WW2).
Their independence wasn't celebrated again until 1989 When the communist government was kicked out which is kind of fascinating to me because I do think that Poland was going to be communist after the war and speaking of history We'll dive more into that into a future article but for now.

Facts about Poland Land And Mountains

Let's just talk about some really cool facts about the country itself for example Poland has some many interesting features about the country many of you may picture Poland and see it as a Lowlands or planes and not very mountainous.
But in fact that's absolutely incorrect because while Poland down to the southern regions has a lot of mountains these other Carpathian and Sudetes mountain ranges and the two highest are the Tatra mountains and the tallest of the Tatras mountains that's in Poland is the Richey Mountain coming in at two thousand five hundred and three meters tall or eight thousand two hundred and twelve feet it is a great Place to climb and hike except for it is closed from November 1st to June 15th Which makes sense because the winter seasons now let's step away from Nature for just a second. 

Facts About Poland Population 2020

Let's talk about Polish culture First of all the capital of Poland is Warsaw and out of all the cities It is the largest city with a population of 1.8 million people it was founded in 1200 ad with the St. John's our Cathedral church in Warsaw being one of the oldest cathedrals in the city And it is so old that it is considered a United Nation SEO site and speaking of City ages dance has over four hundred and sixty thousand people and it is one of if not the oldest major City within Poland. 
Being founded in 997 and by Moscow first of Poland who is the Ruler of the poles in 1960 and when we think of Poland we might think of Polish beer or vodka or just Having drinks in Poland for a good time and not saying that the poles are a bunch of drunks But like us Canadians over here.
We do enjoy a good bevy, but as for alcohol They estimate that a polish person drinks 92 liters of beer a year and further drinking laws you have to be over 18 years old to legally purchase alcohol But keep in mind That's just purchased because I couldn't find anything that stated whether or not it was legal for people under the age of 18 to drink alcohol But on top of that if you drank in the streets of Poland or the parts of Poland it would be considered illegal Considering we're on the topic of drinking We might as well talk about smoking because smoking is banned in indoor restaurants workplaces indoor public places And of course you have to be 18 years old to do that as well and the one thing that's smoking and drinking have in Common is that they are related to the healthcare system.

Facts About Poland Health System 2020

The health care system in Poland is free for everyone and is provided by the national health fund However if you want free health care you have to be insured, and that's usually done by an employer now There are also private health care systems where citizens have to pay full amounts but as their constitution it states that everyone is entitled to health care and in 2013 a study found out that 61% of Citizens have used private health care as well as 91% of pregnant woman now Let's jump back to a little more culture because one thing that's fascinating about Poland is that it has 14 un SEO or UN SEO Zones? excluding the entire town of Warsaw which is an entire site the country has a range from cities to structures to churches to Forests and these places remind us of the great amazing story of the country.

Facts About Poland In World War 2 (WW2)

But unfortunately one of these places has a story of darkness and regret This is because one of the UN SEO Ozone's within Poland is the auspice concentration camp now. I'm not gonna Lie guys I had totally forgotten that OSH. Whit's was in Poland I always thought it was in Germany But I guess I was wrong during the second world war there were three major concentration camps OSH wits 1, 2, 3 as well They had 45 other satellite camps around the area and this was Germany's final solution to the juke question which resulted in the extermination of Millions of Jewish people as a matter of fact these concentration camps were pretty much a prison for 1.3 million Jews and throughout the entire genocide out of the second world war these particular concentration camps contributed to the deaths of 1.1 million Jewish people and they believed that ash woods was responsible for killing 1 out of 6 Jews that were murdered throughout the entire Holocaust but however the soviets managed to find OSH Whit's and freed the people on January 7th 1945 making it international holocaust remembrance day And you may wonder why is this place a UN SEO? Ozone if it's such a very dark spot in our history one that we would probably rather forget well in 1947.
 Poland Found at the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum and by 1979 the Camp was inscribed Because although there may have been terrible moments in history it reminds us to move forward and never return to these terrible times But today Poland stands as a very interesting country as they contribute to peace keeping missions joining Nato on March 12th of 1999 they've also joined in relief operations in Iraq and even operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan.
Throughout the years Poland has been moving forward to recognize individual thought and progress as in 1989 it held its first free elections in over 40 years thus bringing in a non communist government as well as one thing That's really interesting about Poland is they have 17 Nobel prize winners their first one was in 1903 Which Maria Curie one for physics That she even won a second time in 1911 for chemistry and out of all these 17 Nobel prizes of four of them are for peace one thing that's really interesting about the polish is that they have 32 letters in their Alphabet Although the alphabet is based off of a Latin alphabet They have multiple accents and some letters that look like English ones But actually sound very different for example W sounds more like a V have you ever heard of k g Well, probably not if you're from another country. 

Facts About Poland Industry 2020

But one thing that's interesting about this polish company is it is a copper and silver production company that employs 34,000 people around the world and although it is owned by 32% of the government it ranks as 10th in the world when it comes to providing copper for the entire planet Either way Poland remains a cool and interesting country to visit there may be a lot of places to go But let's not forget their food which they're famous for pastries and Pierogies but there's also many historical buildings and Amazing places to get in touch with nature such as the broca's zoo it is also a place that is home to over 250 castles, that's a lot and because of these amazing places in 2013 they had over 15 million visitors come into the country and as of today Poland is the 17th most visited Country in the entire World so there you have it that is a brief look at Poland most likely we'll get into a part to Diving into more history. 

Facts About Poland Food 2020

Food and culture anyways some cool facts that you want to send us and get a shout out you can do that So be sure to head there all the links for everything is in the description Box below but Poland what a beautiful country filled with beautiful people it is a country that has a lot of history and that has been caught in The middle of some dark places in the world's past however the people of Poland Remains strong to be the best and greatest at what they do This is the culture and country and people of Poland who have given a lot to the world From its thoughts that have earned Nobel prizes to its great food But most importantly it is a country that reminds us that beauty is always out there What?

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