80+ Weird Facts That Shows We Are All Different From Each Other In 2020

80+ Weird Facts  That Shows We Are All Different From Each Other In 2020

Did you know where the Largest Family in the world Live , How many members are there? What word "Pakistan" stand For in Persian and Urdu? Cheapest way of transport in India? Where is the Island of Snake in the world? Which Country produce's most chocolates in world? When Afghanistan celebrate New Year? Australian  Prime Minister World Record? Most Funniest Game in Finland? Which is popular dish in Turkey? Facts about Bahamas?

And many other facts about the countires in the world that might suprise you. If you are intersted to reading them then here all these facts. Hope you know some new information about other countires as well as your own country. If you Like then share these Amazing information on social media and also with your Friends and Family.

Facts  About All Countries In The World In 2020

  1. The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands, and only around 30 of them are inhabited. 
  2. There are 6 seasons in India: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, and prevernal. 
  3. Mexico has not one but 68 national languages, the 2 largest being Spanish and Nahuatl. 
  4. There are more than 6,000 caves in Slovakia. 
  5. In Afghanistan, people celebrate the New Year on the first day of spring: March 21. 
  6. Colombian radio stations and public television play the Colombian National Anthem at 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. every single day. 
  7. In Finland, people celebrate National Day for Failure every October 13. On this day, people share their personal stories and explain how they overcome their problems. 
  8. In Persian and Urdu, the word “Pakistan “means “the land of pure.” 
  9. Slovenia is crazy about honey and bees – there are around 90,000 beekeepers in a country with a whole population of 2 million. 
  10. Ecuador is actually the closest country to outer space. 

Facts About Countries All Over The World 2020

  1. In Albania, nodding means “no” and shaking your head means “yes.” Well that could be confusing for a tourist. What do you mean, no? 
  2. Wearing a hat indoors is considered very rude in Poland. 
  3. People in Costa Rica refer to themselves as “ticos” for men and “ticas” for women. 
  4. In Greece, Name Day celebrations are way bigger than birthday parties. 
  5. March 12, 1857 was the only day it ever snowed in Cuba. 
  6. In the capital of Estonia, public transports completely free for every Tallinn resident. 
  7. Eating with your left hand is considered offensive in Iraq. 
  8. Since the 1990s, all teachers in North Korea are required to play the accordion. 
  9. Denmark is often reported as the happiest country in the world. 
  10. There's no airport in Monaco. 
  11. I think most people arrive by big yacht, but I might be wrong. German colleges are free for everyone, even foreigners. 
  12. Ukrainian has been named the most melodic language after Italian. 
  13. When you're born in South Korea, you’re already 1 year old. 
  14. Hey, what do they do, tax you that one year? You can easily buy hummus-flavored ice cream in Israel. 
  15. In the Netherlands, French fries are usually served with mayonnaise. 
  16. Rumor has it that Belarus has the largest amount of buried treasure than any other European country. 
  17. There's a “crying sumo” contest in Japan. The wrestlers have to be the first to make a baby cry to win. 
  18. Finland created its own kind of sport called eukonkanto, or wife-carrying. The rules are simple: men must carry their wives through a challenging obstacle course. 
  19. In Ireland, parents lift the birthday child upside down and gently bump his or her head on the floor for good luck. And also pick up all the change that falls out of their pockets. 
  20. There are only two seasons in Venezuela: theory one, which lasts from December to April, and the rainy one, which starts in May and ends in October. 

Facts About Different Countries In The World 2020

  1. In France, it's prohibited to call your pet pig Napoleon. 
  2. Well that makes sense. It's actually illegal to die in the Italian town of Falciano del Massico because the town's cemetery is full. 
  3. People in Iceland casually leave their babies to nap outside. They believe that fresh air makes their immune system stronger and helps them sleep better. There are four TV channels in North Korea, and two of them are available only on the weekends. And I’m guessing none of them are CNN. 
  4. The shortest reign in the world happened in France: Louis XIX was king for just 20 minutes before he abdicated the throne. 
  5. Hey I’m outta here! There are two versions of Norwegian language: Bokmål, which is used in the majority of the country, and Nynorsk, which is more popular in rural areas. And I likely mispronounced both of those.
  6. In Fiji, whale teeth are considered extremely valuable. People usually give them to each other as a wedding gift or an apology gesture. I’m sorry honey, here, have a tooth. 
  7. One Greek superstition says that when you sneeze, somebody's talking about you. Probably the poor guy you just sneezed on. 
  8. According to statistics, there are around 50 million kangaroos in Australia and only 24.6 million people. 
  9. In Nunavut, Canada, all license plates for cars and motorcycles are in the shape of a polar bear. 
  10. German law doesn't punish prisoners who try to escape since it's considered a basic human instinct to want to break free. 
  11. There's a thing called naked hiking in Switzerland. And people enjoy doing it even in the coldestof winters. And they have goose bumps the size of the Matterhorn, I’ll bet. 
  12. A beach in Croatia called Zlatni Rat often changes its appearance depending on the wind. The tip of it can point to either the leftor right. 
  13. Schools in Guatemala can close for ash days. These are days when volcanic ash rains down following an eruption, and all the people try to stay inside. 
  14. The largest family in the world lives in India: it’s a man with 39 wives and 94 children. 
  15. Okay One of the most popular dishes in Turkey is(not Turkey) but chicken pudding. It’s made from boiled chicken, milk, sugar, and a bit of cinnamon.
  16. In Malaysia, it's not uncommon to see somebody sipping lime water or iced coffee from a plastic bag. 
  17. There's no tooth fairy in Spain. Instead, children wait for a small mouse called Ratoncito Perez to collect the teeth and leave a small gift as a reward. 
  18. Belgium produces around 700,000 tons of chocolate a year, over half of which it exports. Brussels International Airport also has the highest number of chocolate sales in the whole world. 
  19. The Nigerian film industry has its own name: Nollywood. It produces up to 200 movies per week. 
  20. In Japanese restaurants, you should make anX with your fingers if you want to ask for the bill. 

Strange Facts About All Countries In The World

  1. South Korea has the fastest Internet in the world. 
  2. Crispy Guinea pigs are considered a delicacy in Peru. They're often served during important festivals and celebrations. People in Luxembourg always try to bring a box of chocolates or flowers when they get invited to somebody's home, especially if they live in Belgium.
  3. The King's Landing that you see on Game of Thrones is a city in Croatia called Dubrovnik. 
  4. New Zealand has a Hobbit currency that you can actually pay with.
  5. In Germany, kids get a giant cone filled with all kinds of toys and candy on their first day of school. This tradition is called schultüte, and it celebrates the “seriousness of life.” 
  6. People in Canada eat more mac and cheese than any other nation in the world. 
  7. It's pretty popular among Polish families to pick wild mushrooms at the end of summer. Parents teach their children how to distinguish edible mushrooms and pick the best ones. 
  8. There’s a 2,600-foot-high mountain in Australia called Mount Disappointment, thanks to the disappointing view from its top. Likely the most honestly named mountain in the world. 
  9. Singapore has the world's first night zoo called the Night Safari. Do the exhibits come to life, though?
  10. Brazil’s Snake Island has about 5 snakes per 10 square feet! Of course, nobody is allowed to visit it. 

Weird Facts  That Shows We Are All Different From Each Other In 2020

  1. In Latvia, you can spend a night in the Karosta prison as a part of a tourist attraction. Okay. 
  2. It's impolite to point the bottom of your feet towards someone in Cambodia. 
  3. Albanians do a special “xhiro” evening walk every day until nightfall. This is the time to stretch your legs and catch up with your neighbors. 
  4. In Argentina, different political parties have their own unique brands of beer. 
  5. Liberia was founded as a place where freed African American slaves could migrate to. Its first official president was also a former slave. 
  6. On the first day of March, people in Bulgaria exchange red-and-white woven “martensitic” bracelets. They wear them for a month and then tie them to a blooming tree to welcome spring. 
  7. About 90% of marriages in Nepal are arranged. The bride and groom usually don't even see each other before their wedding day. 
  8. Chinese brides often get married in red dresses since red is considered a lucky color. 
  9. In Monaco, every police officer is assigned to about 60 residents. This country also has around 560 CCTV and other hidden cameras all over to make sure it's safe. 
  10. People in Cambodia often eat fried tarantulas as a snack. Boy, pass the ketchup! 
  11. The cheapest way of transportation in India is a three-wheeled vehicle called a “tuk tuk,” which will cost you about 50 cents. And the most expensive is the luxurious Maharajas ‘Express’ train for $500 a night! 
  12. In Bolivia, people dressed as zebras often help children cross the road and educate others on road safety on the streets of La Paz. 
  13. In Sweden, there’s a joke political party called “Kalle Anka Partiet” which means Donald Duck Party. It got 133 votes in the 2014 elections! Back in the 1970s, they served light beer during school lunches in Belgium. It was later replaced by soft drinks and water. 
  14. There are about 70 cats roaming around in one of Russia's greatest museums: the Hermitage. The staff says there have been cats in the museum ever since the days of Elizabeth Petrovna, Peter the First’s daughter. 
  15. Men and women in Madagascar wear the same garment called a lamba. It's a long rectangular cloth that can be wrapped around the body.
  16. Bicycles are extremely popular in the Netherlands. There are actually around 18 million of them in the country. 
  17. There's a completely free 24-hour red wine fountain in central Italy. It was built in 2016 and is owned by a local winery. Figures. If you ask a person from Costa Rica how they ‘redoing, don't be surprised to hear “Pura vida!” It translates as “pure life” and is often used to say that everything's great. 
  18. People in Portugal believe in “fado,”which is the idea that you can't escape your destiny. Fado is often mentioned in Portuguese music and small talk. 
  19. The town of Lopburi in Thailand regularly holds a festival for monkeys called Monkey Buffet to thank them for bringing more tourists to the village. Wow. Aren’t you glad it turned out that it’s to honor the monkeys and not to eat them. 
  20. Back in 2008, a king penguin named Nils Olav was knighted in Norway. 
  21. Hairdressers in Albania always slap their clients on the neck after a haircut and say “me shëndet” which means “on the health.” 
  22. Spain's national lottery called El Gordo has the world's biggest payout of more than 2 billion dollars. It's held every year right before Christmas and everyone can take part in it. 
  23. Former Prime Minister of Australia Bob Hawke held the world record for drinking 2.5 pints of beer in just 11 seconds. He later joked that this was the reason for his political success. 
  24. In Peru, you can find out a woman's relationship status by her hat. Single ladies wear knitted caps, while married women prefer straw hats. And so it goes…

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